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7 Reasons Direct To Consumer Pet Food Companies Rock!


Online purchasing behavior is driving the direct to consumer business model.

Companies across all market segments are trying to make the transition.

For some brands transitioning out of the retail model can be quite challenging and costly.

It requires strong vision at the top of the corporate food chain, combined with a robust integration and marketing strategy.

Businesses ahead of the curve are now reaping the rewards with an extremely loyal customers base.


Direct To Consumer Strategy

One industry that has been slow to adapt is the pet food industry.

Instead focusing on setting up affiliate online retailers to cash in on the internet traffic.

Make no mistake there is a difference between online retailers and direct to consumer businesses that sell online.

Yes, pet food is sold online and in fact, there are thousands of people selling it through various channels.

Even some brands sell online as well.

However, that does not necessarily make them a direct to consumer brand.

Most pet food you can buy online you can also find on store shelves, and therein lies the major flaw.

Below are the 3 biggest problems with the retail model as they relate to pet food.



Propylene Glycol

Chemical Preservatives

Most commercial pet food contains all sorts of chemical preservatives all meant to accomplish 1 thing.

Increase shelf life.

This gives large pet food brands the flexibility to produce in bulk, ultimately keeping manufacturing costs low.

Combining cheap ingredients, bulk production and low manufacturing results in Huge Corporate Profits!

The Internet has given pet parents the ability to move beyond this type of business model by buying direct.

In fact, one company offers a direct to consumer sales model which ships pet food that is only 6 to 8 weeks old!

With canine cancer skyrocketing to roughly 1 in 4 dogs it’s time to stop buying food off store shelves laced with chemical preservatives.

Those who benefit the most are the large commercial pet food corporations which make Billions every year selling cheap unhealthy food.

Chemical preservatives certainly do not offer your pets any health benefits that’s for sure.

Therefore, why would you want to feed it to your pet day in and day out?



A111Quality Ingredients

The second biggest problem with store bought food is quality ingredients.

If you think Ground Yellow Corn or Corn Gluten Meal is a quality source of protein think again.

Additionally, Chicken Byproduct, Meat and Bone Meal, Soybean Meal, Rice Flour etc are NOT quality sources of protein either.

Yet most all store bought foods have a similar ingredient list.

More troubling is when a brand like Blue Buffalo represents itself as a premium food with premium ingredients.

What they won’t tell you is they outsource production to companies that import cheap ingredients from China.

If a brand does not control the supply chain of ingredients, they can not control the quality of the final product.



Poor Quality Assurance

Corporate greed in the marketplace is all too common to begin with.

Which in turn can result in recalls, or worse pets being poisoned.

You have the power to choose whether to do business with these types of companies or not.

Your pets don’t get a vote so be mindful of your choice.

Since all direct to consumer brands are not created equally do your homework.

Dog Food Advisor is by far the most comprehensive independent resource on dog food you can find.

Included are detailed reviews and customer feedback in the comment section.

An effective way to use this resource is to review the food you are feeding and compare it to the brand you want to switch to.


Direct To Consumer Sales Model

When executed properly a direct to consumer channel provides pet parents, and pets with a host of benefits.

Cutting out the retailer means food will not need to have an extended shelf life, which equals No Chemical Preservatives.

Additional benefits from shipping direct to customers is the ability to maintain inventory control.

Inventory control translates to smaller batches of food, which in turn equates to a much fresher food.

If you could buy a food without harmful preservatives, and extremely fresh, wouldn’t you want to at least try it?.


7 Reasons Direct To Consumer Pet Food Companies Rock!

1. Quality Ingredients.

High-grade protein from quality meat, ingredients are sourced locally(USA) and manufacturing is done inside the United Sates.

2. Quality Control/Assurance

Typically this type of business maintains strict control over the entire process and final product.

3. Price

By removing retailers, savings are passed on to the customer, making the price point for a premium food very competitive.

4. Customer Service

Fostering strong relationships with customers are a top priority for companies that sell direct, which leads to excellent customer service.

5. Transparency

Businesses that strive to produce quality products do not need to hide behind layers of corporate red tape.

6. Safe Products

This is one of the best benefits!

Having a direct relationship with the customer is extremely beneficial to all involved.

A number is assigned to each batch of food, and in turn, each customer has a correlating batch number assigned to their food.

In the event of an issue with a batch of food, the company can track each shipment to the end consumer which is our beloved pets.

Imagine how many pets would have been saved during the 2007 pet food recall.

I can not stress enough the importance of this benefit over the traditional retail model!

7. Convenience

Last but certainly not least is convenience.

Not having to worry about driving all over town, or lugging bags of food to your car is a nice benefit to have.


Final Thoughts

Ultimately your pets are at the mercy of each and every decision you make, however, you will never hear them complain.

Except perhaps when they smell that steak you just grilled up and realize it’s not for them.

Time and again Corporate Profits trump pet safety.

Well, I say Pet Safety trumps corporate profits in every way imaginable.

The best way to insure pets are not at the mercy of this greed philosophy is to vote with your dollars.

What say you?

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