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Pet Lover Business Opportunities

If you were to ask a passionate pet lover to describe their perfect job scenario I’m willing to bet the job would involve working with pets!

The problems many people face when looking for pet jobs is the pay is typically pretty low.

Obviously, a career as a veterinarian would be an exception.

Instead of focusing on the lack of quality Job opportunities many have chosen to start pet businesses.

Let’s face it, these days job security is sketchy, to begin with.

Starting a home business and creating additional sources of income can be a very wise decision.

Plenty of people have dedicated 20 plus years of their life to a company only to be shown the door because of “restructuring”.

A nice way of saying “we can hire someone cheaper”!


Pet Business

The pet industry is Booming and a strong argument can be made that it’s virtually recession proof.

So if you are someone that loves animals, are tired of the corporate BS, and have a strong desire to write your own ticket…

Now is the perfect time to “plant your flag”.

There is a wide variety of  businesses to choose from and some that require very low start up costs.

Building an income independent of a JOB can be quite gratifying in and of itself.

Doing it while pursuing your passion will be exponentially more rewarding than punching a clock that’s for sure!


Dog Walking Business

Pet services have become very popular and typically have a low start up cost.

For instance business cards, flyers, basic website, and a go-getter attitude can get you started.

Similarly, a pet sitting business requires roughly the same types of start-up materials.

Scaling these types of business is relatively easy in terms of costs.

Additionally, services are being created that cater to the growing dog walking and pet sitting niche.

Rover allows pet professionals to create a Geo-specific profile detailing fee’s and services.

A percentage of the fee is deducted only when a person is hired from the website.

It is a great way for someone getting started to get some local exposure without dealing with the actual payment transaction.


Dog Grooming Business

What traits make up a successful dog groomer?

Extremely patient, experience handling behavior issues, strong enough to lift dogs up and down all day, attention to detail.

Obviously a groomers “bedside manner” is important but the ability to calmly handle dogs that nip, scratch, or squirm is just as important.

A grooming business can be quite lucrative plus offers the option to provide mobile services instead of incurring the cost from renting a space.

Mobile grooming might be the best option in terms of initial start up cost.


Doggie Day Care Business

This is another popular business for animal lovers.

The cost for this type of business can be quite high depending on location, and size of the building.

Experience in dog handling is extremely important when choosing this business type.

Proper screening is necessary to ensure the safety of other dogs as well so probably not an option for a newbie.

Overall this can be a great business but requires more money up front to get the business started.


Specialty Pet Food Business

Demand for specialty pet food is absolutely booming.

During the last 7 years, fluctuations in the economy and job markets, in particular, have affected pet owners spending habits.

Sales of standard commercial pet products overall have at best remained flat.

Yet sales of specialty pet products grew at roughly 4% per year.

Premium pet food is among the largest growing markets during this time frame.

Informed and educated pet parents are driving demand for healthier and safer pet foods.

There are a few different ways to capitalize on the high demand for quality pet food.

1) Set up an online retail store and sell premium pet food and products.

2) Open a boutique pet food store.

3) Become an affiliate for a direct to consumer specialty pet food company.


Risk Or Reward?

In the end taking a risk to build a business that generates income for the future is a safer risk than solely relying on job security.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

However for those that have a vision, want more out of life, and are willing to do something about it…

Starting a business can offer the most direct path to reach your goals and dreams.

Make no mistake the path might be direct but that does NOT mean it’s a smooth ride the whole way.

Smooth rides are boring anyway, we all need bumps in the road to remind us we are all still alive!

“Those who believe they can do something and those who believe they can’t are both right” -Henry Ford


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