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Premium Pet Food or Premium Marketing?

Premium Pet Food

It goes without saying you care about your pets, so learning if what you are currently feeding is a premium pet food, can greatly improve the overall health of your pet.

Understanding just a few basics can greatly increase your ability to buy healthier pet food.

Helping to educate pet parents on what quality ingredients are vs what they are Not is very satisfying.

I never get tired of a “wow I never knew that” or “are you serious, they actually put that in pet food!”

The look of shock is quite satisfying actually.

It simply means that the message is hitting home.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good folks who adore their pets, but simply don’t see the benefit in feeding a food with high-grade ingredients.

In most cases, I have found people either do not know how to tell a good food from a bad, or they believe it’s super expensive to purchase top notch alternative.

Which is why I feel it is my ethical duty to help educate pet parents on what quality ingredients are, and hopefully help them make better choices in the future.

No judgment here, because I was the same way before learning how insidious the major pet food companies are with respect to ingredients and overall quality control.

With so many options to choose from in terms of pet business ideas, having the opportunity to educate pet folk and offer a much healthier alternative to commercial pet kibble was an easy decision to make.


 Where Are Premium Pet Supplies?

If your goal is to provide your pets with the absolute best chance at living the longest, healthiest, happiest lives possible, avoid grocery store pet food aisles if at all possible.

The chances of finding a food in the pet supply isle that tastes good are pretty high.

Those chances dramatically decrease when looking for a pet food with ingredients designed to Improve and Enhance the overall health of your pets.

As a baseline ratio, a pet’s diet should consist of a high percentage of quality protein, a medium percentage of quality fats, low percentage of carbohydrates.

The first 5 ingredients will give you a clear indication of the quality of the food.

By law, all ingredients will be listed in descending order based on their precooked weight.

Therefore the first few ingredients will be a good indicator of what the majority of the food consists of.

Here are the exact first 5 ingredients from a popular dog food brand sold on store shelves…

Ground Yellow Corn, Chicken by-product Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Whole Wheat Flour, Animal Fat

So in this particular case, the food will consist of mostly corn and other cheap fillers, with a very low-quality protein, and a low-quality fat.

Nutritionally speaking, this brand of dog food would be the equivalent of processed junk food!

Yet almost all pet foods you find on store shelves are similar.

We are talking about a multi-billion dollar industry, so if cheap ingredients increase corporate profits, so be it.

Canine cancer has skyrocketed over the last few decades, along with a host of other diseases.

Is it any wonder?

How do companies get away with making billions of dollars selling cheap, unhealthy, and in some cases toxic food to you?

Very low standard in terms of pet food laws and suspect regulation and enforcement.

There are places to find high-quality premium pet foods, and if your lucky a store will be close.

Many folks are not that lucky.

At a boutique or premium pet store, prices are typically higher as well.

Convenience is a large reason why many choose to purchase food at the grocery store.

Completely understandable especially considering most families with children have limited time, to begin with.

The solution to these potential headaches is to find a company which doesn’t use retail stores and instead ships direct.

Cutting out the retailer allows the savings to pass along to the customers.


Pet Product News

Have you ever tried to find a resource that has premium pet food ratings, that wasn’t written by someone associated with the brand?

Ya me either!

In truth, there are a few out there but you have to really sift and sort to find a good, comprehensive review.

Unless you are willing to be proactive and search for the real “scoop” on pet food, your animals will continue to be on the best diet marketing can buy!


Premium Marketing

I will go more in depth on this subject in a future blog but here is a brief example..

Blue Buffalo was founded by advertising guru Bill Bishop.

Fresh off his sale of SoBe beverage company to PepsiCo for 380 million dollars he created Blue Buffalo.

He crafted a highly effective advertising campaign that positioned the brand as the best of the best.

Yet for all the marketing hype about Blue Buffalo being one of the healthiest pet food on the market, it had recalls in 2007, 2010, 2015 and 2016.

I strongly suggest you visit the FDA to confirm everything I am saying.

Marketing convinces, and steers the masses into buying  a particular food based on tricked out packaging, or through highly effective advertising campaigns.


Profits Trump Safety

When corporate profits are the driving force behind pet food production, it’s fair to say that keeping cost low will affect quality in most cases.

Now if we were talking about say pencils, the impact would be marginal at best.

But we are talking about your pet children!

As pet parents, you need to be vigilant and not fall for the marketing machine, or cool looking packaging.

You MUST be willing to do a little research to see what is fact and what is fiction.

Regardless, in my opinion, if a company imports ANY ingredient from China they should be disqualified from earning your business.


Controlling Ingredients And Production

You owe it to your pets to give them the best possible chance to live a healthy happy life.

If you noticed a disturbing trend above with respect to the production of pet food you would be spot on.

Unless a company has complete control over production, from ingredient to kibble, can they be sure the safest, healthiest product reaches your pets?

I say absolutely not!

How does outsourcing pet food production to 3rd parties who are driven by increasing profit margins above all else, be trusted to do the right thing?

Simply put…They Can NOT!

You don’t have to believe me.

The best way to see for yourself is to visit the FDA website regularly and monitor pet food recalls.

It’s pretty astonishing how many recalls happen every year, yet for the most part, it’s business as usual.


Bottom Line

1. Educate yourself as much as possible in terms of what is and what is not healthy ingredients.

2. Find out who sources the ingredients and where are they coming from.

3. Visit the FDA and monitor all pet food recalls, check to see if the food you are feeding has ever been recalled.

At the end of the day, your pets rely on you for everything, including nutrition, and a safe environment in which to grow up and thrive.

The amount of unconditional love your pets give you on a daily basis should not be taken for granted.

I think you would agree that their lifespan is too short, to begin with.

Premium pet food brands are out there, that Do care about your companion animals, and Are making sure only the best ingredients are used while maintaining extreme quality control measures.

The best part is some are cheaper than commercial pet food!

After experiencing the extreme difference in my pet I will never go back to commercial food.

5 years ago I chose to build my business around the companies product line and I am proud to say that I have NEVER had a customer switch back to a previous food.

Nothing makes me happier than to know that in some small way I am improving the lives of companion animals!


Pet Product News


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