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What Do Cats Eat And Why It’s Important To Know

To answer the question What Do Cats Eat you must first understand what type of animals they are.

Cats are carnivores.

Obligate carnivore to be more precise.

In other words, eating meat is biologically essential for their survival.

Additionally, meat contains Taurine, an essential nutrient that cats Must have in their diet.

Consequently, taurine deficiency can cause blindness and heart problems in cats.

Corn, wheat, rice, and soy Do Not contain Taurine.

One other important thing to realize is cats have a very low thirst drive.

Therefore, a “water-rich diet” is an important component to incorporate into overall feline nutrition as well.


Plant-Based Protein In Cat Food

A very large percentage of all commercial dry cat foods use plant based protein.

Ground Yellow Corn, Corn Gluten, or Wheat Gluten, etc are the main protein sources.

The label will have ingredients listed in descending order based on weight.

If ground yellow corn and corn gluten meal are the first ingredients, the food will largely consist of corn.

It’s a purely economical decision by large pet food manufacturers to use cheap plant-based ingredients.

Make no mistake profits are the most important factor in creating these cheap unhealthy foods.

Additionally, long-term health problems do not affect the short-term mindset of the profit sloths who promote these foods.

Plant-based protein simply will not and does not provide sufficient protein and Taurine for cats to thrive.

This will lead many pet food makers to add a synthetic Taurine to the food.

Hmmm, synthetic versus natural…

Do you really trust commercial pet food companies considering their proven track record (insert sarcasm) for safety?

Surviving and Thriving are miles apart in terms quality of life for your feline.

The real question is which is more important to you?


What Do Cats Like?

This is a question many pet parents struggle with, and pet manufacturers take advantage of.

As a result, artificial flavors, and colors are the norm in commercial cat foods.

In other words, chemical concoctions meant to mask the overall lack of real quality nutrition is the name of the game.

A piece of corn chemically altered to taste like steak, chicken or salmon is done so your cat consumes more of it.

It certainly does not represent even a fraction of what a feline needs for a well-balanced diet.

Yet these nutritionally void foods continue to fly off the shelf based on an emotional decision to make “kitters” happy.

I would say a truly happy cat is a healthy cat…


what do cats like

What Do Cats Eat In The Wild?

Animal protein is what cats eat in the wild.

Not corn on the cob, creamed corn, grilled corn, cream of wheat, rice cakes or tofu!

Cats are not vegetarians or vegans.

To put in human terms a cat would thrive on the Atkins diet!

In the wild, a cat’s diet consists of a high percentage of protein from meat(animal), high moisture(meat is 60-70% water), with a very low carb percentage.

Yes, cat’s have been “domesticated”.

Genetically speaking a cat’s biology has not changed because we “tamed” them.

Perhaps a better way to explain the domestication would be to say cat’s have learned how to tolerate us.

Regardless, cats still require adequate amounts of animal protein, and moisture to thrive.

Since a cat doesn’t do the shopping, except perhaps the mouse or bird they drag in, it’s up to us to feed them what mother nature intended.


Dry Food vs Canned Food

First and foremost all pet foods are NOT created equally.

We can disqualify all dry foods which derive protein from plant-based ingredients.

Canned food will usually contain high amounts of moisture and animal protein.

Cheaper brands will use by-products and other questionable ingredients in their canned formulas as well.

Are by-products in this context better than a dry kibble that incorporates plant-based ingredients?

My personal opinion on by-products is not favorable, however…

As it relates to cat nutrition, my opinion is yes it would be better than plant-based dry food.

Nothing can replace high-quality ingredients in terms of long term health.

Hence, choosing a food that contains a high concentration of quality animal based proteins is by far the best choice.

Furthermore, choosing the right pet food manufacturer with a proven track record for safety, which includes locally sourced ingredients is as important.


Final Thoughts

Never allow a commercial, fancy bag, or words like “natural”, and “all natural” be the reason you choose a food.

Deception is standard operating procedure for large corporate pet food companies as they bombard you with feel-good advertising campaigns.

Vote with your dollars and choose a food designed to enhance the overall health of your companion animal…

Not enhance the profits of companies who’s greed supersedes that of your beloved pets…


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what do cats eat





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